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If you wish to join, we must verify your email id first.  Please select a DogTag for yourself (ie, what others will know you by, and enter a valid email id below.  We will email you your SerialNum.  You can change it later if you wish.  You must login at least once to have your emailid verified.

An AAMC MENTOR is an AAMC member that has full experience and knowledge of all aspects of playing A&A within the AAMC. MENTORS are available to any member... especially NEW MEMBERS that are having a hard time grasping how to play, how to do things, how to use the assets available for making A&A play a good experience for them. MENTORS will be assigned to any member that feels he needs one. Mentors will 'HOLD YOUR HAND' through any problems to include everything from LEARNIING HOW TO PLAY A&A to answering specific questions about perhaps HOW TO USE A DIE SERVER. If you have a question, they will have a very detailed answer and a complete follow-up for you so that you are totally comfortable with playing A&A in the AAMC. Every question or problem will be considered important and will be appropriately addressed... so, don't feel bad about asking something that might seem simple.
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If you are having troubles with the BUNKER, check out the FAQ. If your solution is not there then contact the Commander of Games and Rankings.
If you are having problems with your opponent, contact the LtCommander of Games and Rankings.
For information about the Bunker, drop me a note.

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