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If you are having toubles getting logged in (blank screen after logged in instead of your profile), then you need to make sure that your browser accepts ALL cookies. If you are reading this message, then you are NOT logged in!

How to Finish a Game

You are not currently logged on. After you have logged in, go to the "List Games". It should be brought up automatically with all of your active & finished games. On the same line as each of your active games, you should have a link labelled "finish". Click it to finish that game. Or, click on the game number, and there should be a button at the bottom of that page to finish the game.

Logging In

You can't update any information, request game starts or game finishes unless you are a member and logged in. However, anybody can view rankings and game information without being logged in or a being member.


If you can't find your id on the Rankings list, either you are new and have never started a game, or you have not started or finished a game in the time period listed.


Currently, on the Rankings and List Games screens, the search text will do an embedded string search of the Game Information field. This field is used by the tournament directors to be able to list all games in a tournament. For example, if you keyed in "Championship Round", you would see listed all games with this text.

If you are having troubles with the BUNKER, check out the FAQ. If your solution is not there then contact the Commander of Games and Rankings.
If you are having problems with your opponent, contact the LtCommander of Games and Rankings.
For information about the Bunker, drop me a note.

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