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Wrap Around Map!  Thanks to Tim Kinnaird for providing this VERY useful map that shows how the 2 sides of the world fit each other!   193 KB  ALL
Axis & Allies Module for Mot's Mapview Utility Here is the latest Axis & Allies map module, v2a,  for Mot's Mapview program.  This module no longer requires an install program as it can now be imported directly into the program using the Install Option in tools menu. This module will not run without the main mapview program which can be downloaded at Mot's website: 771KB WIN
AAAMap v.96 Beta
UPDATE: New Version, and now in English. A special thanks should be given to GhoulLord for putting together a Windows based AAMap utility. NOTE: This is a beta program and is in a foriegn language. Not English.


333 KB WIN
McD Board Utility v.2
This is it! An updated version of the A&A board utility to keep track of your games. This version has an automatic cat defense system! That's right any time your cat gets near your computer, it starts barking! Just kidding, this version has the sea zones and different country names.

158 KB DOS
CD-ROM Patches
Well here are the patches to the CD-ROM. They are attempts to fix the very buggish CD-ROM version of Axis and Allies by Hasbro. They did not succeed! But here they are anyway.

Patch 1.20 Size: 1.63 MB
Patch 1.32 Size: 2.49 MB
Patch 1.33 Size: 2.49 MB

ABattlemap v0.79f
Atti's Battlemap program for A&A plus numerous other war games

1.7 MB WWW - Java
Dice Simulator Review and Downloadable File Links
This document is a review by club member Nathan about numerous Dice Simulators.  Many of the programs have links to the actual file for your downloading pleasure.

See Review Document WIN
AxisAide 1.01
AxisAide is a battle simulator for Milton Bradley's classic board game, Axis & Allies®. It will compute the results of the matchup of your choice up to 1000 times. If you have ever wondered whether or not to bring that extra fighter to attack Karelia, or if the American Pacific fleet is strong enough to take on the Japanese fleet, AxisAide is for you. There have been many utilities available of this nature - all for DOS and Windows. Macintosh users have been kept out in the cold - until now.

450 KB MAC
Download ICQ!
ICQ (I seek you) is a communications program, which allows you and your friends to know when each other are on-line. It also has instant messaging, chat and much more.

6.15 MB Multi